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How many left?

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:06 pm
by Glen
I've always hurd somehow the DVLA give statistics on what models are still registered, but never found out how to do it.

Well thanks to topgear I've found the answer (or perhaps a new site that gives the answer).

Which begs the important question, how many ecomatics are there? ... tic_diesel

For this to be accurate the dealers must have recorded the cars as "golf ecomatic" in the model field, but I suspect at this age it was probubly about right.

Looks like there was no more than about 90 ecomatics (some might have slipped through) put on the road in the UK. Prittymuch all of them managed about 10 years service and then slowly the scrappings begun.

Now we seem to have 11 left on the road and 4 on SORN, the rest I guess have been recorded scrapped, stolen, exported or, probubly unlikely for a car of this era, not been taxed since 1997 thus not requireing a SORN but still existing in a barn somewhere.

Question is how long will the 15 cars last? Some are known to have been converted to manual and to be honest given the state of mine I don't think its going to last too much longer.

Re: How many left?

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:09 pm
by Deylan
Hehe, I saw this website posted on another forum (Don't watch top gear, not enough facts for me :P ) and I hadn't realised how little they were left, my own thoughts were more in the range of 30.

You have a very good point about ones which may have been converted to Manual, which I bet is a fair few of that number. One of mine is SORN right now (not for much longer, going to get it back on the road..), so that could account for one. I wish I had bought the one on eBay a few months back now, but I had nowhere to put it - I wouldn't be surprised if that one (with mine and yours) would make up all the Golf Ecomatics in the UK, because I bet 4-5 of them have been converted to Manual.

I've just had to have some welding work done on my SORN one to get it through it's MOT and the one I am currently driving will need welding work come next years MOT... This red single stage paint does definately not help compared to the lacquered colours which seemed to be much more resistant to colour (my "normal" golf is a year older than my ecomatics but the paint has held up so much better - for example in the plenum chamber where on the ecomatics its effectively gone soggy and lifted right away.)

I just hope VW continue to sell the essential parts for some time - in 2008/9 I noticed MANY parts started dropping off the parts catalogue which is expected. I think all Ecomatic related things are still either in stock or being produced (with exception to the gear monitor switch and digiswing ECU), but I wonder for how much longer? When they stop producing the clutch positioner it's going to be real fun trying to find someone to repair that!

Re: How many left?

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:10 pm
by jimmi1984
Hi :)
in last few months in poland there were 2 Ecomatics for sale on the internet,
red one and green one for about 830 £ and 1100 £
I think that ecomatics will drive on polish roads for a long time :)


Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:55 am
by Lefty
Thanky Thanky for all this good informtiaon!

Re: How many left?

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:04 pm
by Deylan
No idea whether that is spam or not but it will stay anyhow :lol:

Re: How many left?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:44 pm
by ajbero
I own one that was imported to the states by Orkid euro as a rhd clip and is on the road. I used a 98 4 door golf and swapped it to rhd drive and all of the ecomatic parts too. Very fun car to drive!

Re: How many left?

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:54 pm
by Deylan
Hi there!

Is your car the one that was advertised on vwvortex? Well done on the conversion! It's good to see that the car can now be driven as it was intended to be.

What attracted you to buying it then? :)

Re: How many left?

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:02 pm
by ajbero
It is that car or half car lol. I was just lookin for a rhd and a euro tdi swap. Jamie talked me into buyin the start stop and was explaining how cool and rare it was. I really had no clue until i got it on the road. How hard is it to find the ecomatic badges there thats one thing i did not get

Re: How many left?

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:12 am
by ajbero
I will be driveing my ecomatic to h20. Should be a great time. There is a get together for wheelwhores and i think pvw will be there.