Clutch positioner clutch travel distance sender G162

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Clutch positioner clutch travel distance sender G162

Post by Deylan » Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:12 pm

This is a potentiometer located inside the top of the clutch final control element, it has a very thin (what can only be described as) "piece of string" on it attached to the diaphragm of the lower part of the element. It informs the DIGISWING control unit the position of the clutch in voltage terms. The ECU then uses this voltage information to calculate the clutch position with respect to the slip point (when the gearbox speed sender starts to turn. i.e., when the clutch starts to make contact) and thus clutch wear. This signal is required to master the clutch operation.

If this sender fails, the car is not operational, a fault code should be set and the warning lamps will all blink.

If this seriously malfunctions it may send the car into a state where it switches the engine off and on for no apparant reason on the factory ECU revision. Revision A and onwards has not been tested.
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