Console/Konsole: Bracket for clutch positioner

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Console/Konsole: Bracket for clutch positioner

Post by Deylan » Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:13 pm

The "Console" is a metal bracket which is bolted onto the transmission, which, in turn, the Servo Motor and Vacuum Pump are attached to.

Part number: 1H0 142 303 B / 1H0142303B

Some information is provided here which is worth bearing in mind.


These can and will eventually snap in at least 1 of 2 known common places after 15 or so years of age. In fact, I am not aware of an Ecomatic which has not had to have repairs done to the clutch console.

It is possible to see visually if the console has snapped without removing parts by looking carefully.

Also, if you can move the clutch positioner around by hand in the engine bay, then either it has snapped or is not screwed on properly. The clutch positioner should be fixed solid in place and should not just move around freely.


It is strongly advisable to repair this as soon as possible so that the clutch positioner is not fatigued and that the cable is not rubbing against the bracket guide piece.

If it snaps, it can be welded quite easily, but make sure that if you weld it, or if you get someone to weld it, that they make a neat job of it as otherwise it may affect clutch operation, and/or the cable may rub against the guide piece. There is 2mm clearance between the guide piece and the clutch positioner cable at the best of times.

Removal of clutch positioner from bracket

3 bolts hold the clutch positioner down onto the bracket, apply copious amounts of penetrating lubricant to the 3 bolts on the underside of the bracket, otherwise, you could snap the metal base of the clutch positioner!! Do not go crazy as you want to avoid getting oils/silicone/contaminants actually inside the clutch positioner which is a rubber diaphragm.

Removal of bracket itself

Removing the bolts that hold the bracket in place can also lead to it snapping under force. As can be noticed when buying spare parts from the scrap yard etc. Therefore if this needs to be removed, cover the bolts with penetrating lubricant and allow to soak for 24 hours before applying extreme force to the bolts.. If the bolts are not removing without excess force, try more penetrating lubricant before finally applying excessive force.

Also remember to remove the 2 bolts holding the clutch cable guide piece down, then, the clutch bracket can be pulled towards you in an upwards fashion to remove it.

Also, disconnect necessary wires.


Refitting is rather simple however make sure that the clutch positioner cable is not rubbing on the metal guide piece, otherwise clutch operation will be poor and cable damage will occur!

It may be necessary to remove the large plastic cable sheath near the starter motor, if the angle cannot be obtained to push the console back on.
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