Tow/push starting an Ecomatic

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Tow/push starting an Ecomatic

Post by Deylan » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:32 pm

An Ecomatic can be tow/push started.


-Battery has sufficient power to operate ECU, electric vacuum pump (to create vacuum), and the clutch final control element, as well as operate the glow plugs (if the engine is very cold).
-Vacuum system OK.

For example, it is possible the battery is too flat to start the engine, however it still has sufficient power to generate vacuum and operate the clutch. Or, the battery is fine and the starter motor has failed.


-Two or more people are required. Continue only if it is safe to do so.
-Select neutral
-Turn ignition on, but do not attempt to start the engine.
-Get the car up to speed, once vehicle has picked up sufficient speed, select 2nd gear and release gearstick immediately.
-The clutch will close automatically and the vehicle will attempt to start the engine using the momentum of the car, accelerate slightly.
-The clutch should re-open to prevent stalling.
-Turn on engine brake mode to prevent engine switching off if coolant temperature above 40C [k110]

If battery is faulty, replace with a correct replacement without delay.
If the starter is faulty, use the correct replacement.
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