92Ah battery

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Larger battery than standard vehicle, largest battery out of the whole Mk3 range.

Technical details

In the SSP the battery size is specified as 92Ah. In the SSP the battery size is specified as 95Ah.

Part and ordering information

Original part number: 000 915 105 AH (95Ah 450A) (dropped) Replacement part number: 000 915 105 DK

Varta sell OEM equivalents (Varta Silver and Ultra/Stop-Start recommended). The genuine battery is made by Varta anyway.

Additional information

It is important the Ecomatic is fitted with a large and good quality battery with good CCA (cold cranking amps) to ensure the [[Reinforced starter motor|starter motor] restarts the engine quickly, and reduce strain on the alternator and electrical consumers, the cost of replacing electronics damaged by voltage fluctuation far exceeds the extra for a good battery, the battery should also be able to take the strain from the large amount of engine starts.

A poorly performing battery can result in oddities with the engine restarting procedure, such as, if the engine has been off for a while, a restart can be unsuccessful or take more than one attempt.

Push starting

The Ecomatic can be push started.