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The Ecomatic instrument cluster is similar to the standard instrument cluster fitted to Mk3 Golfs. It is the analoge clock version (no rev counter). Despite not having a rev-counter, it does receive engine RPM signal. This is confirmed by the dash cluster diagnostics. If your instrument cluster loses power when the engine is restarting in ecomatic mode, you should try replacing your auxiliary battery. It has three additional lights:

[k110] Ecomatic Control Lamp.

  • Light on
    • Engine Braking Mode enabled, Ecomatic mode off
    • engine does not turn off and car does not freewheel.

[k48] Gear Display Control Lamp.

  • Light on
    • Uneconomical gear selected, gear too low, change up.
  • Light flashing
    • Too high gear or;
    • gear not properly engaged.

[k111] Engine Running Control Lamp

  • Light on
    • Engine will not turn off - This may be because engine is too cold (most likely reason), battery voltage too low, fault detected with system.