Reinforced starter motor

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The Ecomatic is equipped with a stronger starter motor than the standard vehicle.

It is highly recommended to fit the genuine starter motor.

Part and ordering information

Original part number: 020 911 023 B (dropped on 29/02/1996)/ 020 911 023 P (dropped on 01/05/2004) Replacement part number for B and P: 020 911 024 A

It is unsure why that the "020 911 023 B" appears on some part pages, nevertheless:

The actual replacement part that dealer will provide: 068 911 023 TX / 068911023TX (still available as of 2011, both my ecomatics were fitted with this part by dealer). Bosch number: 0 001 110 099

This is a 1.8kW starter motor!!

Because part numbers change and parts become superseded frequently, please check this part number with your dealership before ordering!!

Additional information

According to the SSP, the starter ring gear used in the Ecomatic is reinforced, the parts catalogue doesn't explicitly state it is reinforced, but it is a different size to normal models, as usual.

Because there is an incredible load placed on the starting components, it is recommended to get the starter ring gear properly inspected when opportunities arise, especially if the starter fails to engage at times.

Not only this, due to the importance and load put on the starter motor, it is sensible to purchase the correct genuine starter motor for the car.