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Health and Safety

The information contained here is for reference only, it is not necessarily accurate, therefore the writer and owner of the content assumes zero liability in how to use this information, or any damages that may come from it to you, your property, or others and others property. If you are uncertain at any point, refer to a qualified automotive technician.

NEVER work on the car (i.e., on the engine) while a gear is engaged unless the key is out of the ignition and the car is completely off, and the handbrake is firmly applied. Even if the engine is switched off, it may just be in Ecomatic mode and could restart! If the clutch control unit is unplugged, vacuum pressure is lost, or a malfunction occurs, the clutch will close and the car can move off unintentionally!

About this Wiki

This is a Wiki containing all the information about the Golf Ecomatic which is currently published on the Ecomatic forum.

Technical accuracy is the main priority of the content of this wiki article and a fair amount of information on here can be backed up using official documentation.

However, a large part of the information here has been only possible through many hours of close analysis of documents as well as close analysis of characteristics when driving on the road. This has resulted in more information being available about the car than has ever been published before, and in some cases, clarification where even official documentation is wrong. In any of these cases if not obvious it will be stated in the article.

Technical Details

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