Unblocking the fuel filler housing water drain hole

Simple one this, but it seems more cars than not have a blocked fuel filler drain hole. The page is not to tell you how to do it, as this is quite obvious, more tell you it is supposed to drain so you can take action! Little things like this can reduce the chance of rust, and also reduce the risk of water entering the fuel tank. I own 3 Mk3s, and all of them when bought had a blocked drainage hole.

Unblocking is simple:

1) Get flexible fluid application straw (like the red one off a WD-40 can), preferably one like in the picture

2) Poke straw down the hole, remove. (For goodness sake, do not get the straw stuck or poke it too far down and loose it!)

3) Ensure fuel filler cap is on fully

4) Spray area with water - it should drain

5) Try poking straw down hole when full up with water if it does not work first time round.

6) Done!